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Brand Commitments

Sustainably Made

At Original Barn, we believe that the sustainability, as a commitment, is a long-term solution to our future humanity. What defines our start-up is the 21st century mentality as a global citizen. We view sustainability through a magnifier, carrying out our responsibilities in every possible perspectives. Our approach is driven though our clients’ user experience, a holistic one.

Sustainability is based on simple principles. The essence of sustainability is not only about what big corporates can do, but also about what you, as a normal consumer, can do and choose to do in daily basis. To promote the sustainability idea, a German Formula One Driver Sebastian Vettel encourages his fans to make simple changes for the future generations. Though this sports, car racing, emits more carbon than any other sport industries, Sebastian believes that fans and himself can do a lot by consistently doing little by little -- "If you can take a bus to work rather than to drive, take a bus. If you can ride a bike to work, ride a bike." Small changes are fundamental, and they can surely be done! This idea encompasses our team.

Supply Chain Transparency

Original Barn is committed to find vendors and manufacturers around the world who are expected to exemplify dedication to ethical business practices, which are fully comply with laws and regulations of the countries in which they operate.

Our third part resources, including warehouses in Texas and Quality control team in India and China, is in compliance with all applicable laws, which adhere to Global Human Rights policy.

Our Team believe that to grow, to supervise, and to give support to our vendors and manufacturers is top priority. Any misconduct, including involuntary labour, discrimination, and racism, will jeopardize our business.

What we did? and How we did it!

> Using Biodegradable packagings, all packages are made by paper.
> Using Water Soluble paint, Zero Harmful Chemicals, making the Leap time longer.
> Our leap time will take it longer than Amazon or other major shopping cyber platforms.
> Certified Lumbering, all our wood vendors are certified

Preserving Handcraftmanship

Our team are dedicated to support and preserve all kinds of craftsmanship around the world.

How to tell which products are handmade? It’s simple! Products that are made with Vines, Bamboos are other elastic materials are mostly handmade. Weavers are trained to preserve local bamboo weaver patterns and to develop new materials for the clients.