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Howdy y'all!
We are Original Barn. was born in the midst of COVID-19 pandemic. We are a country lifestyle brand that wishes to welcome you into our barn, where wonders and home-warming decorations can be found. Unlike flee markets or vintage markets, our store offers a wide variety of trendy items exclusively online. 

Take a deep breath and be ready to indulge in our lineups of gifts and decors. 

Brand Philosophy – “Warmly Decorative, Heartily Embellishing”

As the old song sings, by Luther Vandross, “a house is not a home, when the two of us are far apart, and one of us has a broken heart.” Original Barn team determines to bring warmness and joyous atmosphere to your home. Because we believe that Home without love is merely a cold structure called “House”, just as a career without passion is only “desktop routines” that kills time. That’s why our team are passion about what we do! Our indoor design team loves to collaborate with artist and designers across generations, who are interested in bringing back the original farmhouse lifestyle; Our sourcing team carefully select vendors who held and felt responsible for the sustainability of our environment and community; Our integration team confirms that orders are probably placed and logistic team ships the product to you in biodegradable packages!

Future and Goals

We dedicated to present our supporters and customers “a refreshing farm lifestyle”, and our team will continue to explore and to develop products that fits into this category, including candles, lighting, and customized farmhouse themed art work.

Concept and Execution

To infuse an “lifestyle, we starts with our first product category -- home interior products, which the quintessential aesthetic of “farm life” can be established through the careful but adventurous arrangement of products in a household. Immersed in selections, our clients do not need to worry about what exactly to buy or to set up for the “perfect” space. Because have done it for you! Besides everyday products, we present our clients a handful of series, or trends, that only available within a short period of time specifically targeting festivals, seasons, and gift-recommendation. To add up the vibe, a same or similar series of product can be bought together and be placed in a home corner, on a living room coffee table or on accent table in the corridor. Possibilities of creativity can be fully charged into your home, making your friends, families and visitors WOW!

Craft and Taste

Products speak for themselves, and the language, visual language of course, they speak is craftsmanship. Of all the craftsmanship, we value handcraftsmanship, which the term is quite self-explanatory: most of products are made by hand, instead of mechanical robot hands. Using and trying multiple natural raw materials, our welder, sculptor, craftsman, coating-painter and fabricator, with guidance from our in-house designer, create products that requires careful weaving, bending, spot welding so that product itself can reflect a boutique taste and respect for hand-craftsmanship.